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Spiritual Treatments



Our healers, prayer warriors and servants of the Lord are here to provide prayerful treatments for your ills whether they be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.  Our practitioners are sensitive, with natural, God given healing abilities, proven over time.

Experienced and capable practitioners in excellent standing with their church community provide 30 minute (approximate; usually a little longer) treatments over the Net. This really makes a difference in your attitude and surroundings! Try it once!

During a treatment, you relax and sit quietly wherever you are in the world and we will provide you with a soothing, healing treatment.

If you decide to have a session, please make your payment by clicking on the PayPal icon below and send us an email telling us how things are going and the problem to be healed.  If you have a photo of yourself to email; all the better but not necessary. 

Approximately 30 minute Treatment, $45.  If requested, free supplemental follow-up weekly treatments are applied free of charge for 30 days. 

Do you have a pet needing healing? We love our furry friends and provide treatments over the Net for $25.00.



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